Platinum Trident Chlorine Plan

Platinum Trident Chlorine Plan

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(1) Pool Opening: Includes chlorine and algaecide chemicals, removing and folding pool cover, equipment start-up and inspection, reinstallation of ladders, handrails, jets, skimmer baskets, screwing brass anchors down, set time, mark pressure gauge, tighten filter band and drain plugs, add DE (product included), setting up pool and testing components, leaving auto cleaner out on deck to straighten out hose. Customer will be asked to make sure water level is up to the  skimmers prior to us arriving, leave all pool equipment out and making sure electric is turned on. Pool opening must be scheduled with the office.  We ask you to give us the week you are trying to open the pool. You will receive an email confirmation with the date and instructions one week prior. NOTE: It approximately takes 5-10 days to clean and balance the pool after the opening. We will return within 72 hours after the opening for an initial cleaning. It may take up to 2-3 cleanings to get pool clean and balanced which will be deducted from your allotted cleanings. You will be required to run your main pool pump non-stop until clear.

(20) Full Service Valets: Includes (up to 1 hr.) of skimming the surface and vacuuming the bottom. Cleaning out debris from skimmer & pump baskets along with pool cleaner bag. Analyzing water and balancing to achieve correct levels.    Checking filter equipment for proper operation. Backwash filter and re-charge with DE (if applicable). If valet exceeds 1 hour, customer will be billed an additional $75 for each half hour or deducted from a paid contracted valet. Valets will be managed by Mer-Man. Once the schedule is configured, your service day and technician will be provided. Customer is responsible for maintaining water level during the season. Valets must be weekly in order to maintain chemistry & filtration specs. (no skip weeks unless approved).

(3) Service calls: Includes (up to 1 hr.) of diagnostic, technical, mechanical or electrical service work. A service call may  include one or more technicians to  resolve an issue that unexpectedly arises with your pool equipment. Under this contract, service calls are not to be confused with cleaning services, routine maintenance (cleaning cartridges or grids), or scheduled work. Labor quoted for new installation of equipment is not a service call. Service calls need to be scheduled with the office and will be placed in the first available slot. Parts are included in this plan—see next page. Service must be approved and deemed necessary.

(1) Pool Closing: Includes 30k gallon premium chemical kit & anti freeze (spa only), cleaning DE  filter grids & filter, draining filtration equipment, winterizing plumbing lines, draining pool water level down 1” below tile if applicable, shutting off electric to equipment if accessible, storing all equipment on pool deck , screwing brass anchors up, and installing safety or water bag cover. Pool closing must be scheduled with the office. We ask you to give us the week you are trying to winterize the pool. You will receive an email one week prior with instructions. Customer will be asked to lower the water level 1” below the tile for plaster pools, leave out all required items to winterize the pool entirely. Additional time for cable systems, lawn stakes, waterfalls, grottos, double coverings and dual systems will be subject to additional costs at $125/hr.

Full In-Contract Season Chemicals: (under 35k gallons) Chemicals include chlorine, alkalinity, pH plus, pH minus,  stain & scale, phosphate removers, salt, algaecides, and DE. Full season chemicals expire after the 20th valet. Additional valets can be added and chemicals are available for purchase.

Winter Watch: Includes up to (3) visits over the winter months to check both cover and pool water levels, automatic covers pumps, and overall safety of the pool. This service also includes algaecide treatments prior to opening the pool for the spring to proactively reduce algae growth. 

Parts Covered under this plan (Pentair, Hayward, Jandy, Polaris):

Filter: pressure gauge, top manifold, wing nuts, filter band, filter tank o-ring, stand pipe o-ring, drain plug, grids, relief tubes, sight glass.

Pump: drain plug, lid o-ring, pump seal assembly, strainer basket, strainer lid.

Chlorinator: all parts or full replacement.

Valves: valve stems, gaskets, o-rings, handles, screws.

Heater: drain plugs, fusible link, thermostat, hi-limits, pressure switch, flu-sensor, gas valve, transformer, temperature sensor, bypass assy.

Cleaner (Polaris): 1 bag per season, wheel, clips, tail scrub, wall fittings, filter screen, swivels, lock rings, hose sections, bulbs, energy filters.

Electric: GFI outlets for pool, breakers, fittings, timer mechanism, timer pins.

Automation (Jandy or Pentair): relays, temp sensors, fuses.

Other goods: skimmer lids, skimmer weirs, skimmer baskets, glues, lubricants, return fittings, spa jets, backwash hose, PVC pipe and fittings.

Parts NOT Covered under this plan:Structural repairs, excavation, leak detection, diving, repairs that require digging, light replacements, pool cover pumps, electronic control boards, VAC alerts, clear vision cartridges, salt cell or power centers, salt sensors, pump drives or motors, sub-panel replacements, plaster/tile/coping or deck repairs, oil heaters, solar systems, draining the pool, acid washes, automatic covers, auto-chemical controllers, actuators, valves, discontinued parts, antennae, IT software, heater boards. **Repair and Equipment Coverage plans do not rollover into the following year. Mer-Man will make necessary repairs to ensure proper operation. All repairs and replacements need to be approved and authorized by Mer-Man.


Please Add: $250 for pools over 35k gallons

Please Add: $125-$250 for complex cable systems that require more time or more than 2 technicians. If unsure, contact  the office.

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