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Trident Coverage Plans

Your swimming pool provides your family the opportunity for exercise, relaxation, and family fun in the privacy of your backyard. It adds beauty to your outdoor space, value to your home and is a place where you’ll make lasting memories teaching your kids to swim, playing with them and enjoy friends by the water. Have peace of mind that it will remain clean and functioning by hiring a Mer-Man technician to care for it!

Pricing Pennsylvania Residents Only

Contact our office for NJ and commercial pool rates.

Bronze Trident Plan:

Pool opening and closing. (1) Full Service Valet (optional – see pricing). Service must be scheduled with the office. Note to current customers: this plan has slightly changed. Limited spots are available. 

$1,200 (with valet) 
Sign & Pay by March 31st – $1095 

$1,075 (no valet) 
Sign & Pay by March 31st – $995 

Gold Trident Plan:

Pool opening and closing. Includes in contract season chemicals, (17 weekly) full service valets, (3) service calls during the season. Schedule will be managed by Mer-Man. (Please add $200 for pools greater than 35k gallons) 

Sign & Pay by March 31st
$3795 (Chlorine) – $3395 (Salt)

Platinum Trident (VIP) Plan:

Pool opening and closing. Includes in contract seasonal chemicals, (20 weekly) full service valets, advanced equipment repair/replacement coverage, (3) service calls, winter watch pro-gram. Schedule will be managed by Mer-Man. (Please add $200 for pools greater than 35k gallons) 

Sign & Pay by March 31st
$5095 (Chlorine) – $4695 (Salt)

Custom Plan:

Designed for customers seeking a bi-weekly or mid-season plan. A la carte options are listed below to build your own maintenance plan. Customers are responsible for selecting their valet weeks on the calendar. Discounts are available on 10 or more scheduled valets in combination with open and/or closing services. 

Prices are subject to change. Chlorine prices are 300 percent higher than 2020 and quantities are limited. We will guarantee chemicals for our Gold and Platinum contracted customers only. Book Now! 

Mer-man | Swimming Pool Services

Hire Mer-Man to open, close, clean and care for your pool and it will be enjoyed by your friends and family all season! Certified technicians provide you with fast responses, reliable workmanship, and 24/7 support during the season.


Better for your skin and swimsuits!

Proudly Serving Doylestown, Newtown, Richboro, New Hope, Upper Black Eddy, Perkasie, Yardley, & Chalfont.

1836 South Easton rd Doylestown 18901

The Mer-Man Story

After 21+ years in the pool business, Bill Yuengel decided to take all his knowledge, stop working long hours for someone else, and do something fun—start his own pool business!

If he was going to work long hours, Bill wanted to be the one to get to know the families whose pools he kept clean and functioning for years of enjoyment!

In 2015, rising from the deep waters of the pool industry, Mer-Man Pool Service was born!

The name Mer-Man is based on a childhood character from the popular series He-Man (Masters of the Universe) and is a comical to references to the movie Zoolander and Eastbound and Down with the baseball team “The Mermen”.  And while debates rage over the existence of mythological creatures of merman, you can be certain you get real people at Mer-Man Pool Service.

Pool Opening & Closing

AH—Spring and Fall, probably the most popular times of year when people for a second wish they didn’t have a pool that was such a chore to open and close. 

Never fear—Mer-Man is here!  

Let us be your pool superhero and do this chore for you!  Our expert technicians will not only get it done quicker than you, but will make sure your chemicals and equipment are safe and installed/put away correctly.  You just sit back and enjoy the free time on your hands!

Pool Services

We are not salespeople—we are here to make your poolside life easier. We evaluate the best schedule, products, and ideas for your current pool. Do you want your pool converted to saltwater? Great! Now, let’s figure out which salt system makes the most sense for your system. We do not want to install something that does not communicate with your current pool system. There are so many facets of your pool we understand: plumbing-PVC and gas lines, heater HVAC, water chemistry, masonry,  electrical, IT,  hydraulics.


Converting your pool to salt water is a very simple process. It is affordable and very low maintenance. No more handling chlorine tablets – just set it and forget it. Call today and ask about converting your pool to salt water!


After years of putting chlorine tablets in the skimmer. The line collapses and stops working. Get a quote on getting that skimmer working again!


Is your pool or spa light not working? Call today to find out how you can upgrade to a LED color light with multiple themed color shows!


Is your pool safe? Is your equipment bonded and grounded properly? We can inspect your sub-panel and timer box to make sure the wiring is up to code. It is well worth the peace of mind.


Welcome to the new age of wireless technology linked to your swimming pool. Inquire about the possibilities of upgrading your system.


After your pool was installed you may have noticed foam where the coping meets the pool deck. This should be filled with a specialized caulk to keep water from getting behind the tile & coping. During the winter months, this can cause coping to loosen and tiles to pop off. Prices may vary based on linear feet.


Is the pool reaching close to 15 years in age and needs a makeover? Get a quote on new plaster, tile, coping, concrete or any other structural component.


Is your mesh or solid safety cover no longer safe? Get a quote early in the season for a new or replacement cover.


Is your pool liner dried out, bleached or stretched out? Rejuvenate your pool today with a new liner!


If you are looking to upgrade your filtration system or just need service, we can certainly give you an estimate right over the phone. We specialize in pump, filter, heater, valve, electric and plumbing repairs.


The pool season is too short and you may not have the time to maintain your pool. We offer several cleaning options. Cleanings include: skim, vacuum, brush, empty pump/skimmer baskets, inspect equipment, backwash (if needed), test and balance water.