The Mer-Man Team

The Mer-Man team has 25 years experience.  Bill, John, Ryan, Vlad and Val know each customer. In fact, show us a photo of a pool and we can tell you which customer’s yard it belongs to!  We enjoy educating our clients on caring for their pools, so they can spend more time swimming and less time maintaining it!  We aren’t just “pool guys”, we’re pool IT specialists as well.  It used to be to run a pool, you flipped a switch to turn your filter on and you emptied your skimmer.  Nowadays, pools run on more sophisticated and complicated technology.  We continue to train to keep up with the emerging technology.  It used to be a pump and filter on a switch. Now there are sensors, circuit boards, antennas, phone apps, communication wires, salt systems. Oh my!

The relationships we have with the representatives from the manufacturers filters down to the homeowner as well.  Reps consult with our team when needed and, in fact, it is not uncommon for a rep to join us in person, on-site to consult on an issue and teach us how to service their product in a timely fashion for the pool owner.

Have an emergency? We will talk you through it via phone or video until we can get a team member on site.  Forgot to schedule a service? We’ll get you into the que as soon as we’re back in the office.  Mer-Man Pool Service strives to provide you with fast response and reliable workmanship. 

Your family is part of our family

During the season, the Mer-Man team offers 24/7 support and we don’t mean with automation.  No mythological creatures respond, one of us do.   It is not uncommon to get an email response from Val at 9pm or a text response from Bill while he’s on vacation.